About us

HCSC Engineering Ltd is an independent services provider founded in 2018, and established in United Kingdom.

We work with you (small or enterprise level) to understand your challenges when designing complex systems.

From the identification of your initial needs and challenges, we can define and purpose with you a plan to gradually build a correct, consistent and complete model with MBSE Arcadia method and the Capella modelling tool.

Our services are flexible and tailored to your needs:
➡ Do you need to learn what is MBSE, how it can be deployed and the value for the project/organisation? We offer a “start me up” service that will allow to learn and practise what is MBSE Arcadia and the Capella modelling tool.

➡ If you need a more longer term support, we offer a “working with you” where our experts will work within your project and organisation to effectively deploy MBSE with Arcadia and Capella.

✉ Contact us for a 💬 talk, more details 📖 or service requests 🤝 on this form.