Who Am I?

Hey there, I’m Hélder Castro, the person behind this website. I’ve been on a thrilling journey in the world of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with a special interest for Arcadia.

My Story

My MBSE adventure started a while back, and it’s been an incredible ride. I’ve had the privilege of diving deep into the nuances of Arcadia methodology and applying it to real-world challenges.

Why I’m Here

Why the fascination with MBSE and Arcadia, you might wonder? Well, I believe they’re more than just method and tool; they’re game-changers! They bring a fresh perspective to engineering design, helping to develop systems that people love and meet their needs.

What’s on this Site?

This website is my way of sharing what I’ve learned along the way. Whether you’re an engineering pro or just starting out, I’ve got resources, tips, and insights that I believe you’ll find useful.

Let’s talk!

I’m not just a face behind the screen; I’m here to chat! If you’ve got burning questions about MBSE, Arcadia.

I do also provide consultancy services if you want to explore how MBSE Arcadia can provide value for your project/organisation and how to gradually deploy MBSE Arcadia in your organisation, get in contact for a FREE chat via this form and explore together how we can work together.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for my professional life.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’m excited to be on this MBSE journey with you!